Can people with Mutism hum?


So I have been diving into learning about Mutism purely out of curiosity, and I have found that Mutism is quite a vast subject! One question I have been wondering and haven’t found the answer to is for those who are completely mute (like developing Mutism through a traumatic event), would they be able to use their vocal cords for something like humming? Or are they completely unable to use their voice by any means? Also, if there is anything I said that makes it seem like I am misrepresenting Mutism, I would love to be corrected!

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Some people actually aren’t mute they are nonverbal. They dont actually don’t have a problem with their voice they have a problem with their brain. Usually after a large stroke and have trouble forming words. Some new people are actually not mute they’re deaf. So they can’t form words either.

It all depends on why they’re mute

There is mutism by physical causes and thus ymmv with whether they can hum

There’s also psychological mutism, they definitely can, but it’s a question of if they would ever want to