Can someone explain to me how patent trolls actually successfully are able to make money off of people backs and ideas?


I recently learned about them but how is it okay for someone to acquire the most vague and broadest app features or any ideas for example and then make money on anyone who they think “infringed” upon that patent?

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The patent system is the US is completely broken in many regards, especially related to software patents. Everyone knows this, its not really debating, what is though, is still the law, and judges and courts must follow the law as written, even if we know its broken.

Patent trolls, as they are often known, buy up patents and then sue other people for infringing on the patent– or to be clear, they buy patents specifically with the intention not to use the patent, but to simply sue others who may be infringing on it. They are using aspects of patent law in somewhat unintended ways, but totally legal ways, because the system is really weird

Now as the person who owns a patent, you 100% have the right to do so and sue others. You own the patent and can choose to enforce your ownership. It us up to a court to decide if someone infringed your patent and what they must compensate you for doing this. This is not patent trolling, anyone who owns a patent can sue if they think someone is infringing on your patent– in fact thats why you have it patented, so that others can’t use it!

Patent trolls just do this as a business, specifically suing people, this was not intended. The patent was supposed to protect the owner of the patent, the system wasn’t really intended to have this off effect that there is money in buying up patents and just suing tons of people in the chance a court rules in your favor, often based on odd technicalities or poorly written laws.

It also needs to be pointed out. Patents can be bought and sold and this is common. Simply being the one to file the patent gives you a right to it, but you may sell it if you wish, and patents are commonly sold.

They probably steal ideas too, including content for media, etc..

They’ll take anything they can get their hands on.