Can you overload your kidneys if you drink too much water, or is it filtering mostly a passive process?


I always really liked drinking water. Not an insane amount, about 2 liters (100 fl oz) a day. So I always wondered whether I’m overworking my kidneys or if they are just passive filters benefiting from the water passing through.

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I know that if you go too long without emptying your bladder, you run the risk of acute liver intoxication, which can be fatal.

Your kidneys aren’t the problem drinking too much water. Your brain is and drinking 2 liters of water/day isn’t an excessive amount of water. The blood flows through your kidneys anyway and it’s a “passive process”. Drinking too much water can cause an ion imbalance in your brain which can cause water intoxication due to the sodium imbalance.

You *can*, but hyperhydrosis is really, really hard to pull off. You basically have to be suffering from one of only a handful of diseases or your body will prevent you from doing so (puking, nausea, etc)

You can kill yourself if you drink too much water. It’s called Water Intoxication.

The kidneys job is to filter stuff out of your blood. Some of it’s waste product, there is some salt and other stuff that gets flushed out, and water.

Normally, if you take in the right amount of water, your body stays balanced. Because the things you eat and drink have electrolytes in them, and then you are flushing out some of those electrolytes with your urine.

If you drink too much water without replacing the electrolytes, you get water intoxication. Essentially you body has issues because there is not enough electrolytes, you have heart problems, other issues, and you can die.

In fact, there was a runner in a marathon years ago that died because all they drank was water. And it caused a rule change that every other drink station that the runners visit has Gatorade or something.

It isn’t a matter of overloading your kidneys, it’s a matter of the kidneys flushing out too much of what you need, with all the extra water you didn’t need.

It is recommended to get 8 x 8 oz glasses of water per day, so 64 ounces. Don’t drink it all at once. And you’ll be good. As always, talk to your doctor about medical issues.

100oz is more like 3L but it’s not excessive unless you drink it all in one sitting. As long as you can maintain an electrolyte balance you’re good to go. In hot climates, having salty snacks can help.