Coger vs Agarrar in Mexico


Good evening / Morning , everyone ! I would like to ask everyone a question, why is it that in Mexico the verb “Coger” has a sexual connotation ? what happened in Mexico that they don’t use that verb or that this verb isn’t very popular ?

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It’s very easy to find that *coger* is slang for *fuck* in Mexico and many South American countries.

It’s not easy to find *why* though. I’ve hunted around for the origin of its 2nd meaning and can’t find it.

I don’t know about Mexico but in Argentina you’d **never** use *coger* to mean *catch the bus*. You’d avoid the double-meaning by using *tomar* instead, which is more-or-less saying *take* the bus rather than *grab* the bus.

There was an Argentine film in which a woman wanted to get pregnant using a turkey baster and her friend’s semen. She passed him the turkey baster and began to say *cogé eso*, but corrected herself to *tomá eso*. A cute joke but very forced because an Argentine just wouldn’t make that error in the first place.