Comparative Cost table that I don’t understand


OK, I’m struggling with economics. I’ve linked several images of the work I’m doing, but I don’t understand it. What data was even supposed to go in the table? (I know I got the 20 and the 64 wrong, I had it right and then second guessed myself.) Thank you in advance!


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The table is kinda confusing to me with no background in this topic. In the With Trade section, the production likely should remain the same, for instance 15 for Rye for Felicidad, the export could likely be a random amount, and you just subtract that to get the consumed. For the Gains With Trade, you add in the export value for that same good from the opposite country (if Contente exported 2 Rye, the Felicidad gains 2 Rye). Unless it wants it maximized, if so you do only specialization (1 product) and export the excess (subtract produced with initially consumed) and then import the needed amount (initially consumed) of the non-specialized product from the other country.