Difference between NLP & Text Mining.


I am having a little difficulty in understanding this topic.

So far what i understand is that,

“Text Mining is one of the application of NLP”

Can anybody help ?


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Humans suck at communicating. We have ambiguity, inconsistently applied grammar rules, homonyms, and just about anything else you hated about your English (or your respective language) class. We make it work due to practice and implicit context, but that’s not something computers can do. Natural language processing is the intersection of computers and language where we try to get computers to understand us, *without* some sort of preprocessing or prior organization of the input data. If you watched the Watson supercomputer play Jeopardy, that’s natural language processing at work. It had to understand puns, wordplay, indirect references, and more.

So once you have a program that can do NLP, what do you do with it? Well, you can have it mine text. By which it means do what Watson did: analyze input data for information. Send a text miner out on Twitter, see what’s trending? If a bunch of people are talking about, say, a Kardashian endorsing a product, maybe you can then buy stock in that company and ride the stock surge. Doing employee surveys in a large company with thousands of people? Run a text miner to see if their responses correlate to something good or bad. Get lots of spam? Run a text miner to see what key words show up and then block emails that have them.