Differences in bow lengths, range and pulling force between longbows and horse bows?


Longbow: Most longbows are usually 1.8 meters or longer. The best longbows are made of yew, they can require 70 to 80 kg of force to pull and, depending on the weight of the arrow, it may be necessary to shoot arrows of about 94 cm long, with a range of about 140 to 300 meters.

Horse bow: Horse bow is the shortest traditional bow, usually shorter than 1.2 m. Horse bow bread can require 10 to 25 kg of force.

The reason for these big differences is that Longbow is made of yew wood, so it is both less efficient and produces vibration.Since the horse bow is thrown on the horse, they have high maneuverability and are very light in terms of pulling weight. He used many materials such as horse bows, bone, wood and horn; and bonded together with natural adhesives and fibers. Composite horse bows increase the efficiency of the bow.



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