Do all alcohols have probiotics?


I’ve heard that drinks like wine and kombucha are good for you (in moderation) because they contain probiotics due to the fermentation process. Does that include other lower-proof alcohols like beer, ale, mead, hard cider, etc?

Do higher-proof alcohols like vodka, whisky, rum, and gin have probiotics too, or are they killed off from the higher alcohol content?

Just curious because all the articles I’ve been looking at online only seem to list wine and kombucha as far as alcohol goes. Is that just because they have the highest content?

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For beer at least, it doesnt contain any bacteria as they are killed off after the fermentation process

Also, wine is not “good for you.” It has benefits in it, but its not something unique to wine and you would much rather consume stuff like yogurt which doesnt have alcohol in it.

Its like saying candy is good for you because it has vitamin c