Does amazon have just one giant wearhouse of everything you could ever want?


Basically how does amazon sell all of these items, where do they store/ buy them from, and how do they get them to us so quickly.

What is amazon¿?¿?

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They have many warehouses spread across all over the world and many partner stores that also have their own products in different places. They hire third party companies to deliver the good as well.

They have about 75 warehouses, which they call “fulfillment centers” all over the world. In the US they have them in areas that are near airports in inexpensive areas of the country, like Kentu it and central Texas.

Amazon was the first to patent replicator technology, as seen on Star Trek. When you make an order, a person simply goes to the replicator and says, ‘Hanes 3-pack t-shirts, white, size XL’, and the replicator makes them on the spot.

Then, your t-shirts are taken to the transporter where they are broken down into their individual molecules and then transporter to your doorstep, where the molecules are rearranged. This is why sometimes instead of getting a box with your t-shirts in it, you will occasionally find an angry Klingon warrior on your front porch.

No, Amazon has dozens of giant warehouses, perhaps hundreds at this point,full of everything. They analyze sales patterns of items to determine where to house the inventory and whether to have it in all/some/one facility.

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