Eli5: a home AC unit. The differences between “cool”, “auto”, “dry”. What is actually happening in these settings and which should I use?


It’s currently 38 degrees Celsius outside.

My ac remote also has things like “I Feel”, “Health”, “Turbo”.

What do they all mean?

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Cool – cools to temperature set, will not operate if temperature falls below set point

Heat – heats to temperature set, will not operate if temperature goes above set point

Auto – aims to stay at set temperature, will heat and cool to hit this temperature

Dry – sets the temperature slightly below ambient to promote condensation on the AC unit and draw moisture from the air. This will reduce humidity.

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The first of the three other things (can’t use that phrase because automod kills the comment) tells the unit the current temp is your preferred one – it will maintain the temp where the remote is at that moment.

Turbo allows the unit to move a massive volume of air for quick cool/quick heat. It should then automatically reduce to your preferred fan setting.

current temp – 38

Temp set for AC – 22

Cool :
AC will start working to cool down the room temp to 22 degrees , if it goes lower than 22 it will turn off/ go on standby.

This is different from Auto setting as , in Auto AC will maintain 22 degrees which can include both cooling or heating up the room.

Heat works as Cool but in reverse .

Dry – ACs in general reduce humidity in the room which is useful esp in summer as in often cases Humidity is what makes heat uncomfortable.

Turbo – AC works extra hard to quickly achieve set temperature.

Health and feel options – look into AC manual it would explain those.

I feel uses the temperature sensor of the remote as reference instead of the ac unit’s, while health is an air ionizer which generally makes you feel more comfortable

Did it come with a manual or can you find the manual online?