[ELI5] Can someone explain drive by shooting to me?


I see a lot of American media discussing drive by shooting killing bystanders… Are these shootings targeted at specific people and therefore a “bystander” got killed? Or is it that the drivers sprayed randomly and everyone is a “bystander”

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A “bystander ” is someone who was not the intended target. So someone in the area or just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time

Usually the shooters are aiming for someone specific, but they aren’t terrifically careful with their shots so anyone standing nearby is a potential target.

A drive shooting is when someone or multiple people literally drive by their tartlet and open fire. Since they’re in a car and is likely moving they tend shoot at any and everything in the general area this causing innocent people to be hit by stray bullets.

The phenomenon is usually gang members shooting at rival gang members.

The bystanders are not gang members, but they’re in the line of fire.

It was more common a few decades ago.

Drive-by shootings are almost always targeted at somebody, like a rival gang member. Police can typically figure who was intended target and who were bystanders… typically family, girlfriend, neighbor who may have been with intended target or just nearby.