Eli5 could chimerism affect paternity?


I’ve read about chimerism affecting maternity, where the baby is genetically the offspring of a twin sister. Could the same thing happen to a man?

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Yes. Basically, if a person “absorbs” their twin in utero, they can have two sets of DNA. If they have a child and their unborn twin’s DNA is passed on to that child, the twin will be the child’s biological parent.

The gender of the chimera parent doesn’t matter: if it’s the dad then paternity is affected, and if it’s the mom then maternity is affected.

Yes, they can, should the sperm donor have chimeric tissue and organs that produce the sperm, being the testes. Should only an area of the body not associated with spermatogenesis be affected with the chimerism, such as the person’s hands, the sperm will be unaffected.