Eli5 Could it be that clothes affect body fat distribution?


I learned that subcutaneous fat sits under skin. But they dom’t say that fat has to cover each muscle individually, which means they can merge into one big chunk, or seperated in the middle of a muscle mass, right? And why is belly fat and pubic fat not merged into one chunk already? I’m having this thought but no way to check, that my pants have seperated these two fat pads apart.

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Everyone has fat, even skinny people. It’s not a “fat pad” but a layer of fat that covers your body. The main factors in fat distribution are hormones and genetics. Estrogen causes fat to be stored in the hips, thighs and triceps more so, and testosterone encourages fat to gather in the stomach(spare tire) region. It collects all over but a combination of hormone levels and genetics dictate where and how your body prefers to store fat.

I got put on a bit of weight when I moved to the US and wasn’t allowed to work until my Visa came through. I definitely noticed that I had a band of no fat accumulation where my belt line was. I’m not a doctor but my conclusion is that in the region where clothes are tight to the body, fat will not accumulate.

Your body has a guide in how to do everything, a “cook book”, it’s your DNA, this tells how, when and where to store your fat. This is why you can see some people with a big over body but thin legs, other with huge legs and butt while the over body is more skinny.

The only clothes that can affect how your fat distribution looks like is a corset, because it squeezes the body and thereby reduces the amount of space you have for the fat, but it does not make your body change how it would like to store it.

Fun bonus fact, if you see a man with a six-pack, is that in fact a sign of too little body fat, less than 3%. What we see as a healthy and well maintained male body is in fact a sign of malnourishment. 🙂