Eli5: Domain bound macs with mobile accounts


I am use to the structure of a local account on a mac with cloud resources, in which, IT can push whatever they want to the computer. I wasn’t in IT when things we’re done by binding a mac to a domain and using mobile accounts to go remote. Can someone explain what these two things are and how companies manage these types of devices? Like an admin ITs workflow? I don’t have experience with PC environments.

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Binding the computer to a domain allows the user to log in with Active Directory credentials. This means that your username/password is controlled on a server instead of only locally on the computer and you would be able to use this same username/password to log into any computer you have access to, whether it’s Mac or Windows.

Where the mobile accounts come in is that they are “mobile” in the sense that the credentials are cached on the computer in case you do not actually have access to the server when logging in. Once you are able to connect back to the company network, it is supposed to sync.

It’s gets a lot more complicated doing this with macs than windows computers and it doesn’t work quite as well.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

Source: unfortunately got stuck being the administrator for all the Apple products at my organization.