eli5 How are guns accurate if their sights are so high?


Take the ak for exemple, the front sight is like 4 centimeters above the barrel, how is that accurate? Do you just have to compensate for that? Also aplies to scopes, some of the sight quite high on the gun

Edit: i already know they make arcs because of gravity and the angle of the barrel

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Because the sights (or scope) are pointed at the same thing as the barrel. They are not *parallel* to the battle. You could have them ten inches to the right if you so pleased. They are adjustable to allow the accuracy of them to be refined. The adjustment allows for positioning of usually the back sight to change the angle needed for a more precise shot.

You don’t have to compensate for anything, just think about it, hoe far is the top of your head to your nose? About that same distance, same thing with the entire chest, the distance overall doesn’t really make a big difference, and even if it did, the marksman could still compensate for it

It’s a known offset and then you are zeroing the optic to the point of impact at a known distance. Depending on the scope and ammo you can very precisely determine the bullet drop compensation needed. The trijicon acog for instance has versions for specific calibers and the hashes are marked for specific distances so you can very easily shoot at different distances without having to re-zero the optic.

The bullet has weight. Gravity says it must go down. The sight takes that into consideration. If you are shooting further distances you adjust the sight accordingly.

A weapon will be zeroed, either at the factory or by the user.

This process involves aligning the sights properly with the location the bullet will be at a certain distance.

A gun can only be zeroed for one specific distance at a time, and to aim precisely, the zero must be adjusted for different ranges.

While the sight may be a few inches above the bore axis, at a hundred yards (a typical zero distance) this can be compensated for by a slight adjustment of angle.