eli5: How can Google maps know many small and recent businesses’ locations so accurately?


I’ve realised that most businesses (even small kiosks) are seen on Google maps. Where and how do they get that information?

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These days most businesses enter themselves into google maps. It’s really simple and it drives traffic to the store.

Back in the day, these kinds of things were community sourced. If you turn on the option, even today google maps will ask you a bunch of questions about places that you’ve been.

People add them. I’ve added and removed over 250 places in the past 5 years. You can also edit stuff in google maps

places.google.com lets you add your company. This is also where you add your phone number and opening hours. It is really a missed opportunity if companies do not fill this in, it doesn’t take long and it’s free.

Feel free to edit hours of businesses if you ever see they’re wrong! Anyone can make edit suggestions that then get reviewed.

I once moved a google location after a job interview because the location sent me to the wrong place and no one knew how to fix it in the building.

If you open a business, you’re screwing yourself over if you don’t add it to Google maps, almost every businesses add themselves to it so people can find them.