eli5 how come when you bounce a ball that it does not bounce at the same height as before.


I always wondered why a ball does not bounce back to the same height.

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Not an expert but, when the ball strikes the ground it creates friction, which slows the speed. Additionally, gravity is a more powerful force than the upward thrust of the ball, so there is a constant pull to the ground, whereas the bounce only has the initial force.

Hope I’m right.

It can almost do that if you get a really nice ball and solid floor. But either way most of the height is lost deforming the ball/ground when it hits or from air resistance especially of the ball is light

As the ball is falling some energy is lost to air resistance. The ball hits the floor and the friction within the material of the ball turns some energy into heat, and also some energy is turned into sound. Then as the ball goes back up even more energy is lost to air resistance.