Eli5 How do people get banned from country’s?


I’ve heard people getting banned from country’s and I want to know what you have to do to get banned and how they know you are banned from that country

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You get banned by breaking the law or attempting to enter the country illegally. They know that you’re banned because when you apply for a visa or show up without one your info will be flagged and show that you’re banned and you will be denied entry and sent back home.

Primarily by breaking the laws of that country. However a country can basically deny you entry for any reason, so it could be something as simple as you insulted their dear leader so they said you weren’t welcome.

It could also be you lied on your visa (saying its tourist and intend to work or missing info like previous convictions) this will result in the visa being cancelled and potentially a ban

The easiest way to get banned from a country is to get permission to go there for a certain amount of time and then not go home when the time’s up, a.k.a. overstaying a visa.

They know you’re banned because they check your passport when you go into the country. Actually the airline checks it before they even let you on the plane because they don’t want to have to pay for you to fly back.