Eli5: How do the dig really deep holes that arent wide enough to take an excavator into the hole?


Theres a scuba diving center I drive by while working that started building a pool to practice in. The pool is only about a 20ft x 20ft square however it has to be at least 20 ft deep (im guessing, but if its to practice scuba diving its pretty deep.)

I was wondering how they dig a hole that deep when the hole is not wide enough to take an excavator into like im used to seeing.

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They use whats called a bucket excavator, it looks a bit like a combination between a crane and a claw machine.

Theyre generally small, and can be used to dig out deep holes without need as much space as a traditional sytle excavator

20ft down is doable with a large excavator.
here is an excavator digging a deep and narrow well:

if they need to, they might made the hole wider on top, to give excavator the angle it needs.

If you need a deeper hole you use an excavator with a longer boom. https://youtu.be/6KqxzMf7ozA

And if you need a really deep hole you use a stupidly long boom. https://youtu.be/6KqxzMf7ozA

Not enough you say, well it’s time to go straight to ludicrous. https://youtube.com/shorts/laKYWGBCixg?feature=share