ElI5: how does cannabis get us high?


I understand how other drugs get us high, like how stimulants increase dopamine, MDMA increases serotonin, how benzo’s / alcohol increase gaba, and how psychedelics mimic serotonin

But what is it about THC that causes a chemical change within the body? Its really hard for me to understand because it’s not like it simply increases a certain Neurotransmitter that has a cut and dry effect (e.g increased dopamine leads to feelings of excitement and euphoria)

What causes the time dilation or how does cannabis cause a previously familiar room look almost foreign after smoking?

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THC binds to a cannabinoid receptor in the central nervous system. Activation of the cannabinoid receptor reduces cMAP concentration in the cell, which is a secondary messenger molecule involved in signal transduction. Therefor, THC dampens signals in the brain. How the exact neurological effects of cannabis consumption come about is very hard to determine, but you can see how the dampening of signals in certain regions in the brain may lead to symptoms like relaxation and dissociation.