[ELI5] How does eye dominance work? Is it there something different about my non-dominant eye?


[ELI5] How does eye dominance work? Is it there something different about my non-dominant eye?

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One eye is stronger for almost everyone. When you have both eyes open your dominant eye is doing most of the work.

To determine your dominate eye, make a triangle with both hands, arms straight out in front of you, both eyes open. Center something in that triangle.

Close one eye. If the object in the center is still there, this is your dominant eye. If it isn’t, then your other eye is dominant.

Switch eyes.

The eyes are the same. The difference is in the brain. The brain preferentially uses one eye for reference and the other for depth. The brain is very complex, and this is a vast over-simplification = ELI5.

Eyes have muscles that help it well focus on the object your looking at. So like with any muscle, you train it. The eye exercises if you don’t know freaking hurt but they help. Saying this from experience from accident that caused me partial vision lost at age 2. After having my eye opened and inplanted a new contact (previous one being removed) my eye did not accept it and continued wondering off (lazy eye) it wasn’t until a nice cold long needle of botox injected into the muscles helped straightened it out. I did the eye exercises but since the other eye has been the dominant one is hard for the other eye to even get close to the other. I just hope to one day see my eyes straight again before the dominant one loses its light.

Sorry my answer got a little deep.

Point at an object on the wall, but keep your focus on the object and close your non dominant eye. Now switch to the other eye.

Your dominant eye looks straight at the object, the other crosses over to match. This is how depth perception works, the difference between a tiny tree in front of you and a huge one hundreds of yards away is how far the less dominant eye has to cross to meet it.