Eli5: How does hardware companies realize production cycle and QC inspection? What kind of software they might be using to inspect every little detail/fault in the production units?


I understand that there might be dedicated person for qc and all. The probelm comes with training. When new employee joins a team they need training and that guarantees less issues in production line. But what kind of softwares are available for these things? Any proprietary or open source software? Or maybe anything else?

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If you’re relying on a person to spot and catch problems you won’t get more than about 90%.

Any large manufacturing system relies upon [Automatic test equipment](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Automatic_test_equipment) which can perform a large suite of tests on a product, record the values, and decide if it passes or fails. This is the only feasible way to test the millions of chips coming off the production line as test equipment is capable of testing multiple units in parallel if built correctly while a person can only do a single task at a time.

Most big companies will have in house test engineers who design and build their test equipment specifically for their products, but there are outside design houses and some off the shelf equipment that can help smaller companies with it.