eli5 How does Warby Parker utilize phones for eye test?!


Watching CCB tonight and saw a commercial for Warby Parker announcing they added phone based eye tests for prescriptions, in which upon passing you will get a prescription from an optometrist. I have two questions:
1. How can they use your phone to validate what you can see?! Knowing what the letters are on the screen, how do you know how far away the person is from the phone or that someone else isn’t cheating for them?
2. Assuming this becomes huge (because it’s a fantastic idea) how do they get doctors to write these prescriptions? Do you put them on your payroll and just “use their name” to write them???

I’m so curious from both technical and business perspective!

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These tests are for prescription renewals only. So you can’t use it to get brand new glasses or an updated prescription. I’ve taken one with a different provider and it basically just makes sure your current glasses are working well enough and will renew the same prescription if it’s expired. Prescriptions usually don’t change that drastically from year to year so there isn’t a huge risk if someone “cheats” the test. Not sure why anyone would want to cheat it anyway cause then they still can’t see when they get the glasses delivered.

Not sure how the doctor part works exactly. I’d imagine they just pay some doctors to review the results and sign off on them. Maybe a couple on staff or just pay doctors from their physical stores a little extra to check an online queue.