Eli5 How pending money be a part of available balance?


Like you don’t have the money because it’s pending, right? How can you spend it?

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its a line of credit, but not credit as you know it


pending money means your bank can see it coming in, and if they make it available for you to spend then that means your bank is confident that money they can see is coming will arrive


it’s how you can deposit money into a poker website and play straight away for instance. if you are depositing from a source they trust then they will extend you credit to play upto the value you said was heading towards them. even if the poker site hasn’t actually received the funds yet


thats what your bank is saying when they let you spend money pending. They trust the money will arrive

You need to be a lot more specific if you want any kind of real answers to this. In general though, pending deposit availability is subject to each bank’s policy. Like direct deposits of your paycheck are “pending deposits”. If your company deposits $2000 in your account every two weeks for the last several months, your bank will probably let you use the money when it is notified by your companies bank that it has initiated a transfer of $2000. But your bank doesn’t have to make it available and could wait until funds are transferred.