Okay so I technically have 3 question, I’m not sure that is allowed, but they are all relevant.
1. What is Hyperventilation?
2. Why is it able to cause minor paralysis (I’ve experienced this twice now when encountering sudden unexpected pain above a certain level once with a spider bite and the other a headache both time my hands stiffened up to the point I could move them and I was forced to curl up a bit kinda like when a bug dies and they roll in on themselves)
3. How on earth can I stop hyperventilating before I reach this level again?

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1. Hyperventilation is essentially where you breathe really quickly. This is considered harmful because you end up exhaling more than inhaling, which reduces the level of carbon dioxide in the body.

2. Low levels of carbon dioxide cause blood vessels to narrow and thus less blood goes to the brain. Severe enough hyperventilation can even outright render you unconscious

3. I recommend reading [this link](https://www.healthline.com/health/hyperventilation#treatments) for treatments.