Eli5 if ears are connected to you’re throat how can you stay underwater


How do you not get water in your throat or nose through your ears?

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Because the tube that connects your ear canal to your throat (the Eustachian tube) leaves from your middle ear, [from the cavity inside your eardrum](https://assets.website-files.com/6189339541493f6713de8e4c/61edc75230646d3fabdf0749_Asset%2B2_logo.png). The eardrum membrane completely seals off the ear canal. The Eustachian tube is for equalizing the pressure in behind the eardrum with that of the outside air.

People with ruptured eardrums actually *can* get water in their throats from being in water. They’re advised to take this into consideration in their daily lives. That being said, ever put lid on a plastic container and cut the other end open? That’s kinda how the ear (and associated canals) work. Water can go in either opening, and get all the way to the “lid”, but unless the lid has a hole in, the water can’t get to the other side