eli5: In pinball tables, what determines between a lost ball or a saved ball?


And how does it work inside.

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There’s a timer, if you sink a ball within the time limit it’s saved. How long the timer is depends on the table.

>what determines between a lost ball or a saved ball?

The table’s game logic. Often that’s based on a timer, and it can be re-gained through certain actions, but it’s a bit like asking “when playing cards, how many cards do I draw?”

>And how does it work inside.

The ball is routed into the launch chute the same way it’s done when a New Ball is played. Often it will automatically be launched from there, or from a side-channel, back into the field of play.

Is this really a complicated concept that you need explained in simple terms? Or were you perhaps looking for r/askreddit?

if you were a kid like me, you took a large magnet (out of a magnitron from a radar system, these days out of a microwave) and you would seldom lose a ball.

Just place this powerful magnet on the glass, and no ball escapes.