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I was wondering what is the moorish science temple and who was noble drew ali

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can somebody please explain it in simple terms

I’m a Euro-American member of the Moorish Orthodox Church which grew out of the MSTA in the 1960s. This is how I understand the MSTA and the Prophet Noble Drew Ali: 

The Prophet Noble Drew Ali was a religious and social leader active in the 1910-1920s, building on the work begun by Marcus Garvey. NDA created a church as the vehicle for so-called African Americans to improve their quality of life, somewhat comparable to the Knights of Columbus, or the Bund for Italian and German Americans. Similar to Freemasonry he included mythic elements which were meant to unify so-called African Americans under the already-recognized Moorish identity, which did not connote slavery or freedmen. In July of 1929, after a brutal jailing and interrogation by the Chicago police, he died and his movement fractured. The bulk of his adherents found their way into the early Nation of Islam. Those who remained affiliated with the MSTA were divided into three different factions each claiming legitimacy. As the decades have progressed further divisions and innovations have occurred.