Eli5: Teflon Tape direction


I get very confused which this. People say they wrap it in the direction the pipe will turn “clockwise”, although almost all of them are putting it on counter-clockwise. is it just because its a flipped image? If the threads face away from me and I wrap the tape in the direction i will turn the fitting righty tighty/clockwise, that seems to be incorrect. hopefully someone can give me something concrete to understand this with.

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Wrap it in the same direction the threads go. So if you put a nut on it and it spins clockwise to tighten, tape goes on clockwise too. Otherwise you run the risk of the tape bunching up or coming off.

Just put it on so that it doesn’t bunch up when screwing on the piece of pipe. So generally that would be in the same direction you are tightening the pipe.

Picture the end tail of the tape, as your tighten the nut on it, or as you tighten the pipe into its fitting you want to be smoothing the tail end down. If it’s backward as you tighten the end may catch and start to unwrap.

The way to remember this is to hold a normal (right hand) thread in your left hand facing towards your right hand and wind the tape away from you. This will have the effect of tightening the teflon into the thread as you screw it in rather than unwinding it.

If you have a left hand thread you can achieve the same thing by holding the thread in your right hand and use the same procedure.

A right hand thread is the normal righty tighty thread we all know and love

Just dont copy my dad in law with his ‘the more teflon tape the better’. He will put as much tape on it, that he needs all of his strength to put it back together.