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It’s so I can understand more lived experiences

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Some people feel like they don’t belong in the sex they were assigned at birth. They are happier and more comfortable if they can dress, behave and be addressed as the other gender, so they do.

People have an overwhelming sense that they are not the gender they are born as. It’s called gender dysphoria.

In an attempt to feel more normal they go to great effort to live as the gender that matches their mental perspective.

When someone is born, and they feel comfortable with the gender they were assigned as birth, That’s what we call Cisgender.

Transgender people generally don’t feel comfortable with the gender they were assigned at birth, regardless of how they were born.

(Sex and gender are different. I like to say that gender is upstairs, and biological sex *including intersex* is downstairs.)

To add to the things it may be useful to explain.

Babies kinda start in the womb as female. Then later (i think it was 8 weeks in pregnancy) the chromosomes and hormones do their work and start kicking off the development of male or female characteristics.

This is a pretty messy process and we also know gender happens not only on the genitals and it’s in the brain too… I mean we know for instance if the testosterone surge comes the brain restructures quite a lot sometimes basically reversing early brain development and restructuring a good bit there. It’s hella messy.

So we ultimately believe transgender originates there at this very moment. Something is slightly off and now the brain develops more aligned to the other gender.

Because of this It’s not a choice. It’s completely valid and it can’t really be “cured” as some people would like to (for some reason.. people are varied and unique get along with it it’s not hurting anyone but the person struggling?)

This is why gender is a spectrum too.

Hormones are more or less things which tip certain things in a certain direction.. if you take the 5 alpha reductase blocker Finisteride (used in hair loss) to lower DHT. You can sometimes develop breast tissue because the estrogen can for instance take over the steering a bit.

Earlier in the womb the same DHT is used to start the growth of the normal male Features like a penis and whatnot… So you can see how for instance.. the body pouring too much estrogen or testosterone early on in the womb can kick off a lot of gender identity things later on.

(Important note; it’s not about too much or too little testosterone. It’s always a balance so before people go like “hypermasculizing society” to make more boys. No. Getting too much testosterone in that early phase may legit be the cause why we have things leaning more feminine… Because it’s all a balance. Males and females both need testosterone and estrogen… In fact MtF trans people sometimes need to get put on testosterone because they are too low on it to begin with and it causes trouble feminizing the body.. so you actually raise testosterone to become more feminine)

May explain why LGBTQ+ identities are in some studies more common among neurodivergence… But we have to be careful here because if you ask any good neurologist you will find out a neurotypical pretty much doesn’t exist so those numbers are just.. people get checked up on their ADHD and autism / bipolar etc anyway so now you find out this whole self discovery arc… So people probably are neurodivergent and LGBTQ+ all along just can hold it off long enough.

After all for me for instance. I always knew i was trans but it was more like constantly not fitting in / writing with the wrong hand constantly… Eventually you just found a word to describe this because if you don’t have a word for a thing you may just feel broken constantly but can’t explain it.. Only later in life i found out how much it drained me not even talking about it… Same way how others find out at 60 “oh i had ADHD all along, that explains a lot”