Eli5 what an ACID transaction is and why it is good?


I have trouble wrapping my head around the concept of ACID. Thanks for explaining!

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This is not really something that can be explained to a five y.o. but I’ll do my best. ACID is an acronym of the qualities needed for a database system and all its transactions to be considered trustworthy.

The A stands for atomicity, referring to the greek root “uncuttable” and does not have anything to do with physics. This means that when a transaction happens, the entire thing goes through or none of it does. For instance, you have $20 and your friend has a plumbus that you want to buy. To maintain atomicity, the two of you exchange the money and plumbus at the same time, so as to ensure the transaction goes through as planned.

C is for Consistency. This just means that all transactions follow established rules, i.e. they are consistent.

I is for isolation, which means maintaining privacy of transactions.

D is for durability, meaning that all transactions are permanent and will always be recorded.