eli5: What are those little bumps at the floor of your mouth? (in the area at the base of your frenulum)


The title says it all. They almost feel like mini bumps that that are near fluid-like if you mess with them, throughout the floor of your mouth. I’ve noticed them for years now and never thought anything of it. What are they exactly?

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ELI5 answer: Those bumps are the openings of tubes coming from your salivary glands. They deliver saliva to your mouth to aid in chewing and digestion. You have another opening on your cheeks coming from another salivary gland that you can probably feel as well.

ELI15 answer: That is the sublingual caruncle where the submandibular gland and the sublingual gland empty into the oral cavity via Wharton’s ducts and Bartholin’s excretory ducts.

Those are the tubes for saliva. I like to curl my tongue back and flex it with my mouth open. I can shoot a pretty long stream of saliva out my mouth. It actually comes out of both holes so it is like shooting two waterguns.