Eli5: what color skin do mixed race babies turn out? Is it random or do some races have “stronger” genes?


Like If an italian/white man had a baby with a latina would certain features or genes be stronger? Or is it all random and science has no clue?

Like is their a hierarchy of “strongest race” with like asian or black ontop? It seems whenever i see mixed race babies with asian or black they basically look 75%+ asian or black and barely take on the looks of the other race.

Can someone explain how it all works?

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It’s not about strongest but if you mix the color white with any color it’s will alter its hue. But I’d like to say it’s a 50/50 split because if you have black and white the child is too light to be black and too dark to be white it’s an even take

Do a Google search on “alleles” and “dominant traits”… It’s like 9th grade biology. Should explain how traits are passed down to offspring.

I have mixed race kids. I am German/British and my wife is pure Persian/Iranian. She is a lot darker than my unable to tan from the moor mists white ass. When we go on vacation she darkens up to almost South Asian levels of brown in two days. Our two sons are not identical colour or look wise. One looks like a cross of his mother and I and pretty much splits the difference colour wise as well. My other son is pretty much a clone of me other than being basically ever so slightly beige. He looks nothing like his mother at all. Genetically the one who looks like me actually has ever so slightly less of my DNA(thanks 23and me) compared to his brother.

So skin color comes from a type of cell called a melanocyte. It produces a substance called melanin that makes your skin darker. Some people produce a lot, some produce a little, and some produce none and are called Albinos.

Unfortunately there’s not an easy answer for you, because genetically speaking there’s multiple factors that “code” for how much melanin your cells produce. I can tell you that an Albino and Nonalbino will likely produce a Nonalbino, but that’s kind of it.

But there’s not “strongest race” or anything of that nature. Some things like hair and eye color can sort of be predicted. For example blue eyes is recessive and has less melanin, brown eyes are dominant. So a blue eyed man and a brown eyed woman could have a brown or blue eyed child, depending on if the woman also carries the gene for blue eyes. But two blue eyed people will most likely have a blue eyed child (some factors can end up making green or hazel eyes).