Eli5 what is a Civil Engineer?


Basically the title. I’m in my third year of civil engineering and I’m not proud to say this but I still couldn’t explain properly to someone younger if I was asked. Also what’s the difference between civil engineering and architecture? Because in all the infos I’ve found the boundary is still quite blurry.

Thank you

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For an ELI5 type. Architects work on designing buildings, they are the ‘artist’ when it comes to making them.

Civil Engineers work on/with the land. They design things so roads, bridges, and buildings can be built on or around their work.

Civil is usually the stuff in and seemingly touching the ground. Soil bearing pressure, road layout etc.
Architecture is above ground and habitable. Civil and Arch work closely together but each has its place in the built environment.

Architecture and Civil work closely together and let’s add in Structural Engineering as well. They all work together but each have their specific niche’.

Architect makes the design of the structure. The Civil Engineer is the one that will build it. Basically, Civil Engineer is like a genie for Architect.