Eli5: What is the Matrix protocol? Why is there so much around it?


title. I can’t see a single video made which cs made for humans to understand,

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> some protocol with a very deliberately sci-fi sounding name (probably has nothing to do with matrices)

Oh god it’s gonna be some new crypto bullshit isn’t it

*Googling later*

Well, if you mean this one https://matrix.org/ then I’m pleasantly surprised that it’s just a completely reasonable system to have your own homebrew instant messaging system instead of having to rely on corporate stuff like Discord or Messenger

If you mean this one though https://matrixstudios.io/ then yeah, my guess was spot on. It’s crypto scam no. 5million and you should probably stay away since these play to earn nft schemes are pretty much never sustainable.

Matrix is an open standard for real time communication, like chat and video. So instead of locking yourself into one provider such as Slack, Discord, Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, etc. you have the same API to all of these services and can use the same client and even communicate across servers.

The best is obviously for each provider to expose a full Matrix API but obviously they are hesitant to do this. There are gateway services which allow Matrix to communicate with existing services but these do have limited functionality. So currently the transition from proprietary protocols to Matrix is not easy. But once people have moved to Matrix it will become easier to work across organizations.

One notable example is how the German Army have set up Matrix based services which allow them to host their own secure systems without relying on others while still being able to communicate with external vendors and contractors using the same service.