Eli5 what would happen if you had water in a completely sealed container and brought it past boiling temp


Would it just turn into a pressurized container full of steam? Would the water stay water but just like, really hot?

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You’d make an explosion at the point that the container couldn’t hold back the expansion of steam.

Pressure would build from the gas expansion until either the container becomes unsealed or the pressure itself begins to suppress the evaporation process

Depends on container size and how much water is in it. If you’ve ever seen one of those water phase diagrams you can get a good notion of how its state varies, not just with temperature but also with pressure. In theory it’s possible to have liquid water at any temperature, so long as the pressure inside the container is high enough.

That is exactly what a pressure canner/instant pot does. The contents reach a temperature higher than boiling, high enough to cook faster and or/sterilize the food.

Fun fact: you can use an instant pot as an autoclave.

PV=nRT. If you hold the Volume V constant and increased the temperature T, the Pressure P would also increase. The vessel would eventually fail and you could have an explosion.