eli5 What’s the difference between oil and juice?


You squeeze olives and get oil but if you squeeze an orange you get juice.
What sets oil and juice apart? Why can’t you get olive juice and orange oil?

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If you want to get really rigorous with the definitions, you might be able to argue that plant oils are “juices” but in general a juice is water-based while oils are organic.

So, apple juice is mostly water with some sugar and whatever mixed in.

Olive oil contains little water and is mostly organic molecules (known as oils).

Oils are mostly lipids (fatty acids) and juice is mostly water and sugars. Chemically, they’re not even close

I think for oil they use the different parts like the seeds, and they are crushed under certain conditions instead of just squeezed out. there is orange oil, but its an essential oil, mostly not meant for cooking. Olive juice could be produced but not even the nastiest greek granny would drink it.

If you are asking if you can make orange oil or olive juice then yes technically you can. The issue is that oranges only have 0.12% fat so you would need to go through a lot of orange juice to extract enough oils to make anything usable. On the other hand olives are about 15% fat which probably needs to be filtered out before it is drinkable as juice.

In general, juices are water-based liquids, while oils are non-water based, and the two will not mix. Because of their chemical makeup and role in the plant, the liquid you use from olives is a non-water based oil, and the liquid you get from oranges is mostly a water-based juice.

However, orange oil does exist – it’s an oil created in the peel of the orange which is extracted along with the juice and then separated.

You also get water from crushing olives to make oil, which you could call the olive juice. We just only use the oil, so we separate it out and get rid of the water