Eli5, When you download an app that’s “in app purchase” , showing many rates how do you know which rate will apply?


For instance you go to download a sleep app. Maybe you just want to try one month and don’t want a subscription.

Yet on the app store it shows:

1 month 9.99
1 month 49.99
6 month 99.99

If you wanna try the app then you go ahead and click. Yet there doesn’t seem to be a way to specify what duration or type of subscription your getting.

One would not want to click for the 1month and then somehow unintentionally get placed in a 6month subscription. So how do make sure you do only one month of app and not get “auto-renewed the next month”.

Any clarification would be awesome

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The first 1 month is called “promo to new user”, the are usually do this to attract the user to buy it. Once you finished up the first month, they will revert it on the standard price.

Clicking “Install” in the app store just downloads the app, it does not subscribe you.

the subscription process happens inside the app, you will need to either provide your credit card, or confirm adding subscription to your Google account (and using a credit card number stored by Google).