Eli5: Why are bio weapons so scary? Is the fear around them justified?


Eli5: Why are bio weapons so scary? Is the fear around them justified?

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Yes…. there are very few chances for recovery. During Desert Storm we were issued atropine injections. If in the event of a bio attack we had to give ourselves self injections in the thigh where you slam the needle into your thigh and press the plunger we only had two of these. Do you think you could do that to stay alive?

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A bioweapon is a self replicating weapon, specifically designed to evade known immunities.

They have the potential to kill a huge portion of the population of the world.

They are vastly more dangerous that chemical weapons and second only to nukes in his dangerous they could be.

The main concern/fear about bioweapons is that they spread themselves. It’s not like a bomb or a machine gun, where once the bomb explodes or the gun stops firing the danger is gone. A bioweapon will self-propagate through the target population, which means it remains a risk for a much longer period of time.

Worst of all, because it self-propagates, it can spread to uninvolved countries or even back to the sending country. That makes it a risk to everyone on the planet, not just the country under attack. So these are ranked up there with chemical and nuclear weapons because they have the ability to be so deadly and indiscriminate.

Just reflect on what happened (or is happening) during the Covid Pandemic. That’s basically why people worry about bioweapons.

Except a bioweapon will have faster and more lethal outcomes.