eli5 why do birds not kill eachother more in flight


howcome when you see a big flock of birds flying all will fly and not really hit eachother.
if you let a big group humans flock about we bump like crazy. so why not more head on collisions happen in flocks of birds

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For the same reason we don’t constantly kill eachother when driving on roads. You stay somewhat apart.

Sure accidents happen occasionally.

because we are social creatures and this is why we’re together. birds are just following each other. we are on the same place because this is our nature, but at the end of the day we all mind our business, go wherever we think we need to go, but because we’re living closer this introduces disorder, everybody wants to go everywhere. birds just fly wherever their “friends” fly. if you take for example another social creatures like ants and bees you’ll see collisions do happen

Fish do the same thing, it’s called schooling! What makes a school of fish different from a schoal is that fish in a school move in near perfect unison. They accomplish this by being able to detech the electrical impulses of the muscle movements of their neighbors and are able to react in milliseconds. Only some specific kinds of fish can form schools, whereas any group of fish can act as a schoal.

I’m guessing here, but as birds can detect the magnetic field of the earth (this is how they migrate), birds which form large flocks probably have a very similar ability to fish that school.