eli5: why do cuts on my fingers bleed more then cuts on arm/leg


I’ve googled this but i haven’t really gotten the answer i’m looking for, but i’ve noticed when i get a cut on my arm it doesn’t bleed as much as if i were to get a cut on my finger, plus the scabs on my fingers are much more tough than normal scabs. am i overthinking it or is it something i need to be taught?

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You have more end bits of nerves and arteries at your fingers than your arms or legs. It’s also why your fingers are more sensitive to damage than your arms and legs. If you get a boo-boo on your arm you will hurt and bleed less than if you got one on your fingers. Its the same reason why the head and especially the face has more blood vessels, so that it can repair the more sensitive area faster. Basically, body have sensitive parts. Body want to repair sensitive parts as quickly as possible. Needs more nerves and blood vessels in sensitive spots to detect and treat potential injury as fast as possible.