Eli5: Why do some snacks taste very good for the first few bites but then start to taste gross as you keep eating them?


I have this experience with some specific foods consistently. Fritos, certain Doritos flavors, certain generic candy. And I don’t have this with other foods that’s are similar. Is there a name for this or a reason?

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I’ve never encountered this. These foods taste the same for me with each bite until I no longer want to eat them and choose to stop on my own volition. A change in taste does not occur or make me want to stop eating them.

Am I the outlier or are you?

Maybe the food flavour and texture is too uniform?

I know texture and flavour variance is very important in high level cuisine so that each bite is slightly different and keeps the eater interested in the dish.

Fritos and Doritos rely heavily on msg to make their initial impact. And too much msg gets boring after a while

Possibly you have superior taste buds or ability to smell. I dont know the proper name for each one. Super tasters are employed by companies for quality control. If you are one you will pick up flavors and scents that most people dont even notice.