Eli5 Why do we become out of breath and start breathing heavy if we do something exhausting if we are always breathing air in and out?


I don’t get how we get out of breath if we are breathing air into our lungs all the time.

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When you’re at rest you’re breathing just fast enough to keep your body’s fuel needs met. As soon as you start exerting yourself your muscles need more fuel, so you start breathing faster. The same as how a car engine needs to run faster to speed down the highway than it does to idle in park.

Because you’re body is than working in aerobic mode to provide energy which means that your body needs oxygen to create energy for your exercises/doing.
You’re body tries to get as much oxygen as possible to maintain your exercises as long as possible.
See also citric acid cycle (CAC).

Oxygen is transferred from your lungs to your blood to your whole body.
If we do something exhausting our body parts needs more oxygen so your brain tells your body to breath more/heavy so more air goes into your lung and more oxygen can be transferred from there.

Thanks for the replies yall I understand now