[ELI5] Why do we feel better after throwing up?


Title, like I usually feel so much better as soon as it’s done. Why is that?

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When you have to throw up, there is usually something in your stomach that is making you sick. After throwing up you get that item out of your system and it stops hurting you, so you feel better right away.

If you for example have a splinter, taking it out relieves the area and you stop having this annoying feeling of having something stuck in your skin. The same for throwing up. Getting it out „relaxes“ you since your body signals you by feeling sick that something is wrong and therefore has to get out.

if you vomit because you overate – then that does relieve the pressure on your stomach

I’ve actually suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) in each of my pregnancies – which is constant nausea and vomiting (ie, *with medication* I would vomit 20+ times per day. I need to be hospitalized for IV fluids multiple times.)

The worst part was that I *didn’t* feel better when I vomited. I would feel the immense urge to vomit, then vomit, but that feeling wouldn’t go away. Even with the meds (that suppressed my body’s ability to vomit, so that I could sip water and it would stay down), I felt the immense pressure/urge to vomit 24/7

0/10, do not recommend

Why does it feel better after you pull a splinter out? Because the thing that was irritating you is no longer inside you.

Nasua is a signal that you should vomit among other things. Once you vomit there is no need for the feeling to persist since it has done it’s job.