Eli5: Why does lowes have a sign that says “indoor lumber yard” of course the lumber is inside if it was outside it would get wet when it rained and be ruined. So what’s so special about it?


Edit: thank you so much to everyone who responded. Learn something new everyday! Today? That outdoor lumber yards exist, I’ve only ever seen indoor!

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Outdoor lumber yards are the norm.

Wood stored outdoors is either covered up by tarps when it looks like rain, or the wood itself is treated against rot with various chemicals.

Lots of places have outdoor lumber yards in shelving with covers on them. By definition a “lumber yard” is generally outside.

In some areas, like where I am in CA, we don’t get a lot of rain and no snow so we have outdoor lumber yards.

Because outdoor lumber yards which are normally under some type of open air structure to protect from rain are the norm. Places like Sutherlands, McCoys, and most of your smaller lumber yards have outdoor yards. That’s why they are called Lumber YARDS