eli5: Why is it so hard to wash blood stains out of our clothes ?


eli5: Why is it so hard to wash blood stains out of our clothes ?

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Because blood is organic and proteins are programmed to bind together, especially when heated.

That being said, just wash in cold water and add salt to anything you are washing to unbind the iron and there won’t be a trace left.

I don’t have an explanation but soak the blood stained clothes in cold water and then throw them in the washing machine. It’s worked for me (21, F)

Simply put, clotting. We like to thing that clots are big things because we see clots as scabs on our skin, but a clot can be as small as the head of a pin. So when blood makes it into the fiber of fabric it is soaked into the individual strands and forms a solid clot. Unfortunately the things that make scabs good for protecting our body also make them hard to remove from fabric.

The structure of the scab is made from a material called “fibrin.” The fibrin forms a mesh at the site of a wound and will catch platelets and blood cells to form the clot. Of course fibrin sounds like “fiber” for a reason. It is a long stringy molecule. So it very easily gets tangled into the fibers that make up the fabric.

Why are your clothes covered in blood may I ask?