Eli5: Why is it that we get sick / recovered from sick always happen when were sleeping?


8yr me always think that if we dont sleep we will not get sick (stupid i know)

Just wondering what the hell happened when we sleep and why does the immune system win/lose from sickness when we sleep

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Well, we sleep for a while. Commonly 8 hours is a third of your day, so it’s a long time to recover. Plus, your body is not using energy on anything else but keep you at basal state, so it’s got more energy to fight whatever keeps you ill.

Typically symptoms you feel are your body fighting the infection, not from the infection itself.

When you sleep your body shuts down some process and uses that energy elsewhere, like fighting infections. So when you sleep, your body fights the infection harder and so you feel the symptoms more.

It doesn’t. You just get better more quickly while you’re sleeping.

A typical cold can feel much better by the evening after a few days despite not having slept since morning.

You feel your bodies’ differences more when you start up rather than function during the day/winding down at night.

It’s like turning on a lawn mower, you feel something is wrong faster when you are cranking the cord rather than actually mowing the lawn.