Eli5 why is it when you’re drunk, closing one eye helps you see straight?


Eli5 why is it when you’re drunk, closing one eye helps you see straight?

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Alcohol messes with eye movements and sometimes involuntary eye movements, often it messes with each eye unequally. Because humans need input from both eyes for binocular vision, if they are not in sync, the brain can’t fit the two puzzle pieces together. So if you close one eye, yes you lose half your visual field, but on the bright side, that single eye can move around all it wants and the brain won’t confuse it with whatever is happening with the left eye.

It doesnt, but it does make it so you have one wobbly field of vision instead of two wobbly fields of vision that aren’t lining up right. Your drunk ass brain still can’t focus the one eye properly, but it can at least navigate better without also being confused by your other beer goggle

The alcohol ends up getting into the fluid in your inner ear, changing how it behaves. This ends up screwing with your sense of position, since the nerves that respond to movement in that fluid aren’t used to it. Your brain connects the sense of position/balance form your inner ear to your eyes, so that your vision can stay steady when your head moves. Only when you’re drunk, your brain thinks your head is moving, when it’s not. This means your eyes move, when they shouldn’t, causing the ‘spins’. But, the eyes might move at different rates. So, by closing one eye, you don’t get as much weird double vision effects

Your brain is always stitching two images together(one from each eye) .

When you drink your reaction time is slowed and the muscles that move your eyes loose coordination.
With out being coordinated, the brain has a harder time combining the two inputs of your vision, since they keep aligning differently with each other.