eli5 why isn’t there shoes with no trees that are super grippy like drag racing slick tires


Considering how grippy drag racing slicks are I feel like there would be a shoe equivalent

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I think it has to do with the surface area required to make a shoe tread grippy like a car. Considering how wide a cars wheels are, more of its surface area will be applying friction to the ground than shoes will.

There are super grippy shoes. Rock climbers use them. The soles will actually be tacky. Shoe traction has a limit against the strength of the legs of the person wearing them. If you made shoes so sticky, the athlete wouldn’t be able to separate the shoes from the ground.

Racing slicks allow more horsepower to be transferred to the ground than normal tire traction would allow. More traction enables you to build more powerful engines, more hp pushes tire manufacturers to make stickier tires.

Stickier shoes can’t be equaled and matched by stronger athletes in the same hp/traction race.

Cause the world isn’t flat. Ever try stepping on mud? The thing that keeps you from slipping on your butt is that parts of your shoe dig in (the tread) and keep you from sliding. Think of it like a sled on snow vs a board covered in spikes. The spikes would dig in and provide more resistance to slippage or movement.

The grippy tires on racing slicks have to be slightly melted to be sticky, which is why they do the burnout before they race. Not something we can do with our shoes.

Unless we go super saiyan or something I suppose.

Climbing shoes, specially the boulder ones.

They grip like crazy and are slick. You can walk a 70 degrees flat rock without slipping, easily.

Problem is that very soft sole will wear quick, so the general shoes are a harder material and a tread to help the grip, instead of relying only on expensive soft rubber (soft rubber that wears little like Vibram does cost a bit)

Also, on wet metal surface (grates on the sidewalk) slick shoes will slip no matter the rubber quality.