eli5 why thunderstorms are vastly different across the short distances.


I live for 3 years and a home located in a small town with a good bit of farmland around. We would have thunderstorms like every other place but they were never a big deal. A few months ago we moved to a town 20 minutes away and now every thunderstorm seems very bad. The thunder is so loud here and it seems like lightning is striking outside of my home all the time, The lightning constantly flashes. There is farmland here too, and there is also a lot of tree cover just like my old place. I don’t understand what makes this place seem worse than the old one. So what makes lightning strikes more favorable to one area over another?

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You’d have to give the exact locations to be sure. But, you might be at a higher altitude, making lightning strikes more frequent. There might be hills or mountains nearby that tend to steer storms over your town more often. Or it might just be random chance that relatively few thunderstorms passed over your area for 3 years.